Fall in the Garden

You did it. You survived the spring and summer and are probably enjoying the fruits of your labors, literally! Now that fall is upon us, there are a few things you can do in your garden, which I will address briefly below, but more importantly this is the perfect time of year to focus your attention on your landscape!

Garden To Do’s:

  • Seed hardy fall crops the first part of August (beets, collards, kale, lettuce mustard, spinach, turnips)
  • Prep your fruit trees for winter and the coming spring by applying apple and peach borer control to prevent damage from pests
  • Mid-August transplant rest of fall crops, broccoli, kohlrabi, etc… and seed snap beans beets, carrots, cabbage, radishes and spinach
  • The cool weather and light frost of fall usually result in excellent flavors in your fall garden, so keep those plants alive and healthy as long as you can so you can enjoy enhanced flavors
  • Clean up the garden when harvesting is done, put away cleaned and oiled tools, drain the hoses, remove spent garden plants – as decaying vegetables and fruit in the garden attract pests and disease

September and October are the best months to work on your landscape. The soil temperatures are still warm encouraging great root growth, but the air temperatures are cooling so that there is little heat stress or drought stress on your plants. Unless you have bare root trees and shrubs, you should focus your energy on your landscape in the fall and spend the spring in your flower or vegetable garden.

Landscape To Do’s:

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Originally published by Utah Valley Health and Wellness Magazine

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