Changing Perceptions is Changing

We make what needs to happen, happen. It is really that simple. That’s why what we say about ourselves also sets our priorities and the lives we will live. Stop right now and list your top five priorities.

For me it is God, career, family, self, and friends. But if you are anything like me your time is not divided in order of precedence. I love Tony Robbins’ thought, “most people pay their bills. They find a way.” So what if your dreams were not optional, but they had to materialize just like you have to pay your bills. What if the government sent you a notice in the mail, “You are hereby summoned to have a great relationship with your family, everyone, or you are going to jail for the next 20 years and life time parole.” You would make it work out. You would come clean on your outstanding debts, arrange the needed and difficult conversations, make the trips to be there for the significant events. You would. So what if you were able to improve the things you want to happen without the external motivation?

How well do you know your priorities and more important how do you take inventory to allocate time to match to your priorities? If you are anything like me, than you are all together too passive with how you spend your life – feeling victim to circumstance. We forget we shape our lives.

Health and fitness is an easy analogy and may seem trite and cliché but true. You can’t fake fitness. Sure some are more athletic than others but fitness is something we can all do and improve. Our bodies are symbols of our discipline.

You don’t realize how powerful your thoughts are. Really! Thoughts determine the direction of our lives. By changing our thinking we change our lives. Life is really a matter of perspective. The world is not as it is; it’s how you perceive it. So, if your perception is that life is hard, difficult, and unforgiving than that will continue to be your reality. But if you can change your belief that life is enjoyable, rewarding, and giving you will see and focus on these evidences and ignore contrary data. What we focus on will eventually manifest. Bob Proctor spoke to this law of the universe, “If you can see it in your mind you can hold in your hand.” What if the events and materials in your life are symbols and products of your sincere desires? What if you really believed this? What would you change about your beliefs?

If you got this far in reading than that says something special about you. There is something in you that know you are meant for something greater. How glorious and incredible you are. No really! You have something special. Most do not have the drive like you. I would love to meet and see how your story does and does not define you and how you can author your story with pride. You’re best story is yet to be written. Please contact me at (801) 810-8309.

Ryan Smith, MS, LAMFT, Therapist at Holladay Center for Couples and Families

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